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ROTO DYNAMIC has developed various models of magnetic pumps to offer better range selection for proper pumping of Corrosive & Toxic chemicals. These pumps are very special because they do not use any conventional standard seal type arrangements which are facing leakage problems & Constant Maintenance Requirement Round the clock, Rotodynamic Pumps are sealless pumps. Therefore offering 100% Leakproof, Low Maintenance, Easy To Repair, Low power consumption & simple pump design with wide spectrum of application and Benefits Include Features Like 100% Leakproof pumping.

The centrifugal pump is driven by A pair of Magnets which are incorporated in the impeller and motor shaft respectively. The sealless pump structure eliminates shaft sesls such as conventional. Mechanical seals because the pump chamber is shielded by the casings and the Impeller is operated by the magnets. the combine coupling torque of the drive magnet and Impeller magnet and impeller magnet gives sufficient driving power against the motor torque.
Chemical Industries Display Devices
Dye bath pharmaceutical industries
Laboratory Equipments Textile Processing & Dying House Industries
Electroplating Industries Spark Erosion machines
Metal Finishing Machine Food Processing Industries
Filteration Units Etching machines
T V Tube processing General Laboratories
Gas Analysers Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • 100% Leak Proof/ Seal less Pump
  • Zero Leakage corrosion Resistance
  • User friendly & energy saving
  • Easy maintenance & standard spares
  • Simple Reliable and sturdy monoblock
  • Magnetic drive ensures 100% leak proof
  • No shaft seal to wear or replace
  • Friction free operation for reduced power consumption
  • Easy to maintain simple centrifugal open impeller
  • Design long life, Reliable and trouble free operation.
Thermic Fluid Pumps
Filter Press Pump
Polypropylene Pump
Vacuum Pump
Non-Clog Pump
HG Gear Pump
Tracodial Pump
Vertical Pump
Milk Pump
Vacuum Pressure Pump
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